Sojitz Logistics Corporation


Customs Clearance / Warehouse Service

Smooth importing / exporting with our unique customs clearance function
Expanding highly functional warehousing with a track record

Customs clearance is an unavoidable procedure in trade. Sojitz Logistics has a customs clearance license, and conducts customs clearance work internally to provide smooth import and export services. In addition, we have deployed logistics center business and related consulting services both in Japan and overseas, reducing costs through joint delivery.

Customs clearance function

Sojitz Logistics engages in customs clearance work as a customs house-authorized customs clearance agent. With Nippon Automated Cargo And Port Consolidated System (NACCS) terminals, which are connected via the Internet to customs house and related governmental agencies, located within the company, we are able to file declarations rapidly. Sojitz Logistics retains a number of customs house-confirmed registered customs specialists. Not only do we make the appropriate lings in accordance with laws and regulations related to customs, but we also utilize our abundant experience to provide appropriate advice to inquiry from customers regarding customs clearance.

Highly functional warehousing

Sojitz Logistics operates a steel product warehouse chiefly for major automobile manufacturers, and utilizes sophisticated know-how as one of its assets. In addition, we have a full lineup of joint delivery services using a distribution center, as well as consulting, to respond to the demands of the customer with a variety of services.

Customs Clearance / Warehouse Service