Sojitz Logistics Corporation


Liquid Container Operation

Pioneering the transportation of liquids
Safety and surety from high-level expert knowledge and a special transport system

Liquids are no exception for logistics to a general trading company that handles all kinds of items. Sojitz Logistics boasts an extensive track record in the area of liquid transportation, which requires a high level of expert knowledge and a special transport system. We propose the transportation method that is best suited to the nature of the cargo and to the needs of the customer, regardless of whether the liquid is hazardous or not. We provide the optimum intermodal transport services, taking into consideration safety, surety, and economic factors.

ISO Tank Containers

Sojitz Logistics acts for the customer to provide transportation services for water, alcoholic beverages, oils, and other food products, hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, and lubricants and other petroleum products, etc. Domestic transportation, import and export, and cross transport services are available worldwide. A global network allows us to operate ISO tank containers, for which stable supply is difficult, in a sure manner. We provide a high level of reliability. In addition, we meet the demands of the customer with safety and surety, by arranging for valves, joints, and other parts, and by providing expert consulting services when witnessing filling and delivery.

Flexitank / IBC

Sojitz Logistics is able to supply Flexitanks, which have garnered attention in Japan in recent years. With an exclusive contract with the manufacturer, we are able to provide a variety of types of Flexitank quickly and surely. Not only can 22kl to 23kl of cargo be transported in a normal dry container, but because the containers are used once then discarded, there is no worry of contamination by impurities. IBC is a container that is suited to small-lot shipments of 1mt, and can be used repeatedly as a returnable container, being returned empty after use.

Liquid Container Operation