Sojitz Logistics Corporation


Heavy Goods (Project) Transportation

Organizing a unified transportation process
Safe, sure, and on-time transportation of equipment

Transporting a customer's products in a safe and sure manner requires the accumulation of an enormous amount of know-how and experience. Sojitz Logistics has an extensive track record of importing and exporting and a vast overseas network. With this, we manage your transportation process in a unified manner, from cargo shipment to local delivery, and propose the optimum transportation plan.

Shipper agent

Project transportation work encompases a variety of cumbersome tasks, including management of everything from the machinery production process through the transportation process, required inspection schedules during the process, SV contract worker schedule coordination, application for exception from or reduction of local duties in preparation for shipping, communication with individual suppliers, and creation of each type of trade document. Sojitz Logistics handles the administration of work, from proposing the optimum transportation plan to communication and coordination with individual suppliers, and from real-time determination of the progress of transportation to support for each type of application and procedure. Our operation staff is thoroughly familiar with the most recent laws and regulations and customs clearance circumstances in each country, and creates the required documentation and carefully consults with the customer regarding application procedures, etc.

Assignment of a specialized heavy goods (project) transportation consultant

We verify the selection of the most important materials for the transport of heavy goods/long goods and disassembly/installation/restoration, and creation of the work plan, with a specialized consultant, and propose a safe and sure transportation plan.

Heavy Goods (Project) Transportation